121 Student Teams Compete In Shell’s Ultra Efficient Energy Vehicle Challenge

Students Put Energy Efficient Cars to the Test at Shell Eco-marathon Americas Three Teams Advance to London for the Drivers’ World Championship

Student teams from 24 countries will gather in London for Shell Eco-marathon Europe, part of a global competition challenging young people to push the boundaries of energy efficiency. More than 140 ultra-energy-efficient vehicles are expected to compete on a new 970-metre, custom-built track at London’s queen elizabeth olympic Park, as the UK hosts the competition for the third consecutive year.

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The top three winning teams from Asia and Americas travel to Shell Eco-marathon Europe to compete in the Shell eco-marathon drivers’ world championship grand Final. UrbanConcept teams compete to achieve the best energy-efficient result in the Shell Eco-marathon mileage challenge.

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Keyes and a team of 35 engineering students are among the top teams competing in the Shell Eco Marathon, an annual competition in which student teams from around the world compete to design, build, and test ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

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High-efficiency vehicles to compete in downtown Detroit. Spacey looking vehicles filled Cobo Center’s show floor as students from throughout North and South America got ready to run the Shell Eco.

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UC Berkeley’s Cal Super-Mileage Vehicle Team will attempt a run at the Shell Eco-marathon with their vehicle, Lux, which is driven by a pure battery-electric drivetrain on a carbon fiber body. They will compete in the UrbanConcept division, which focuses on "roadworthy," energy-efficient vehicles aimed at meeting the real-life needs of drivers.

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