r/camping – This is damn hard work! … converting a van to a camper… but putting up tents ⛺️ is killing me!

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FieldCandy. Tents Cool Enough To Get Anyone – Even Me – To Consider Sleeping Outdoors. While it’s not quite glamping, FieldCandy tents certainly up the hip quotient to sleeping in the great outdoors. Perfect for Music Festivals, traditional camping and even for a night in the backyard.

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This is damn hard work!.converting a van to a camper. but putting up tents is killing me! 926 68 comments.Campgrounds vs. Stealth Camping (self.camping) submitted 3 years ago by wisco2boston.

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Sturgis Rally Tent and RV Campgrounds – Come Enjoy Sturgis – Tent Camping, Shade, Cabins, RV, Showers and River.

Our progression was as follows in a bit under 5 years from tent camping, to used pop-up, to work. The Truck/Camper combo. to get it ready for me to pick up,

This pad is made of tougher material than I have seen any sleeping pad made out of and keeps me snugly warm in my hammock. Then when camping on the ground I double it over and have a nearly 4 inch thick sleeping pad that allows me to set up tents on strait rock and be completely comfortable. No pinecones or small sharp rocks can be felt through it.

I think part of the problem is we don’t have any close family or friends who camp much (our parents are camper van/caravaners and we have a couple of friends who on the odd time they do go make use of a two man eurohike tent), so we’re really stabbing in the dark trying to work out what we want, and we’ve really only got our own camping.

Cool shit I need top watch 2018I am currently considering living in my tent I am a 55 yo woman. They are a lot of work but like the old saying says, if you love what you. to me before-which is one reason I try very hard to not camp in areas with homes nearby. in a van (in a rented RV park) and camped on BLM and NF land (tents).

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The majority of people don’t want to work that hard or spend that much. A work frenzy had led up to. which was capped by food poisoning putting me.

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